Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughtful: ACCPD Officers shot and killed/injured

Before I make any posts tonight I just wanted to ask everyone to keep the families of the the police officer shot and killed and the officer who was shot and injured in their thoughts and prayers tonight. 

I think often times people do not realize how dangerous it is to be a police officer and that their job is to protect the public. Most people are not appreciative of this fact and I think more appreciation for men and women who serve should be given. My husband is a police officer also and he is working tonight, so please keep those who are still out there in your prayers as well.

"Pray for the Men in Blue"
It takes a very special person to wear the blue.
Most people do not understand what we do
We made a commitment to protect and serve.
We work hard to provide the safety you deserve.
No normal shifts, not nine to five.
We work 24/7 to keep you alive.
Holidays and weekends don’t mean a thing.
We work night and day, just give us a ring.
Our loved ones and children pray every night.
That we will return at the break of daylight.
We carry guns and wear vests to help us get through.
You couldn’t imagine some of the things we must do.
We see accidents and blood and small children crying.
We also see death and it’s not just old people dying.
Abusive spouses and parents that don’t seem to care.
These are just a few of the things, to make you aware.
Drug dealers and drunks are a regular sight.
We go to the bars for fight after fight.
Responding to calls day after day.
Not allowing our personal lives to get in the way.
You complain all the time when you see us on a break.
We just drive around in cars and oh, the money we make.
Stop for a second and try to assess
Who’s always there to clean up the mess.
We do all we can to help and provide.
To make you feel safe and secure inside.
Please remember all of the things that we must do.
And next time you pray, include the men in blue.

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