Friday, April 1, 2011

Fitness: Shake that Groove Thang!

Music! I believe that music plays a HUGE part in whether or not you enjoy your workout. 

 If only I haz some good musik 2 motivate me

I put a good bit of time and thought into what music I play in all of my fitness classes. You can definitely tell a difference because participants will get into their workout a lot more if they are enjoying the music! I have to use 'fitness' music for my choreographed classes, such as step, bootcamp and kickboxing. But, for cycle I use regular radio music. When I first started teaching cycle I used mostly rock songs because that is what I always used in my personal cardio workouts. Plus, you have to think about your crowd. At the time I was only teaching cycle at the local gym and not the university. Those are two pretty different populations so you have to be considerate of that. 

Anywho, I always ask for suggestions and try to mix up the genres of music so that most everyone will have something that gets them pumped up! And for your personal workouts be sure to mix it up as much as you can so that you don't get bored! Use the genius feature on iTunes, ask your friends what they are listening to, even google can help you find new music!

Here are some songs that I have used:

Fast Cardio:
Bang, Bang by K'naan & Adam Levine
Check it out by and Nicki Minaj
Animal by Neon Trees
Spotlight by Mutemath
Flat on the floor by Nickelback
Liar by Taking Back Sunday
I like it by Enrique Iglesias
Monster by Skillet
Victim by Eighteen Visions

Cardio with more resistance (Hills in cycle)
Time is Running out by Muse
Wait by Earshot
Let me out by Future Leaders of the world
Rolling in the deep by Adele
Rock your body by Justin Timberlake
Rocketeer by Far East Movement

For strength in my personal workouts I always like to use rap/hip hop more since the beats per minute is slower. But, those aren't always family friendly so I'll let you decide which ones work for you :)

For instructors, there are a lot of different websites out there with pre-made fitness music for your choreographed classes. My personal favorites are:

John Sines
Cardio Mixes
Power Music

What kind of music do you like to listen to when working out? Do you workout to the beat of the music or is it there just for background? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I used to not be that into music but lately I have become much more interested in getting good music. I think it started when I started teaching yoga so I became really focused on finding good songs and making playlists for that. Turned out I also needed to refresh my own workout music. One of my persona favorites at the moment is "Till I Collapse" by Eminem. It really gets me pumped up :)

  2. Hey! Yeah, I've always been pretty into music, but definitely more once I started teaching! :) I like Eminem too!