Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fitness: 10 Minute Ab Routine

I really need to stop being such a slacker with this blog! This past week I went on a spur of the moment girls' trip to Charleston, SC and it was so much fun!

I called this the pineapple water fountain...not sure if that's the real name, haha

woo hoo!

But, I wanted to post an ab routine because someone requested it in my class the other day. I have different variations, but I'm going to post the one that is my 'go-to' ab routine that I use at the end of almost all of my classes.

Remember to use proper form and if you need a refresher on that check it out here.

It would be best to do this with music that is about 130 BPM (beats per minute) or slower. Slower is better so that you can use your ab muscles to control the movement and not rely on momentum. I do this routine continuously, as in there are absolutely no breaks... You can do it!

-8 Basic Crunches

-8 Crunches to the Corners (Lift opposite shoulder blade to opposite knee)

-8 Pull the knees in with the Corner Crunches (Opposite elbow to opposite knee) *NOT a 'bicycle'

-4 Pulse for three with pulling the knee in 
(Your opposite shoulder is pulsing toward the opposite knee that is pulled in toward your chest. "3, 2, 1 and switch")

-8 Basic Crunches

-8 Reverse Crunches (Feet in the air, roll your lower tail bone up using your abs; incorporate an upper crunch at the same time if you can)

-8 Keep your feet in the air; Hands beside your hips, no pressure; Abs tucked in tight, back stays flat on the floor, lower one leg at a time and switch (slow and controlled!)

-8 Now, instead of one leg at a time, have both going (right leg up, left leg down; left leg up, right leg down)

-Keep the feet together in the air, slowly let them fall to the left side (no pressure in the hands!), back to the top, and then to the left.

-Instead of slowly just taking the feet back down to the floor, take the feet out wide and back in as you go down.

-8 Crunches with your feet/legs out flat (next steps are same as beginning, but legs are flat)

-8 Corner Crunches with Flat legs

-8 Corner Crunches with Flat Legs and Add the Knee

-4 Corner Pulse the Knee for 3 counts 

-8 Basic Crunch (with feet in regular position now)
-8 Left Oblique Crunches; Drop knees to the right; Hips stacked, shoulders flat; Crunch up
--Pulse for 8

-4 Basic Crunches (in the center)

-8 Right Oblique Crunches; Drop knees to the left; Hips stacked, shoulders flat; Crunch up
--Pulse for 8

-8 Basic Crunches (in the center)

-16 Bicycle Crunces

-8 Basic Crunches
--Pulse in the center for 8

Okay! So, putting a routine into words and not having pictures can be very confusing. If you have any questions please let me know! I will be glad to explain it better! This is just the basic routine, but if I have time I also add planks and some back work. 

Let me know what you think! :)

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