Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update: Happy (super late) 4th of July?

Yes, I know I suck at life and that this post is extremely late. This week will be busy because it is a) a holiday week and b) I had a lab practical and a lecture exam along with the other 39285 things I have to do. But, we are all busy, no? I also decided not to post as much this week because I was afraid I was starting to annoy you guys with a post every single day?

This post is obviously from this past Monday. I didn't have class or work which was nice and that night we went to a friend's house and grilled out with everyone. We had a great time! It was nice to just hang out and laugh! And they discovered that I am awesome at video games; I mean, was there ever really any doubt about that? ;)

-1 egg
-2 egg whites
-1 homemade biscuit
-8 strawberries
-1/3 cup mushrooms, sauteed

so colorful! can you tell I like strawberries?

-337 Calories
-32 g Carbs
-14 g Fat
-18 g Protein

-3 ounces Tilapia
-10 Asparagus spears, baked
-1 homemade biscuit
-1/3 cup Steamfresh Potatoes

-293 Calories
-32 g Carbs
-9 g Fat
-23 g Protein

I obviously couldn't be the weirdo taking pictures of my food at the dinner table, so I'm sorry no pics for this meal!

-3 ounces Grilled Shrimp
-1 Croissant
-1/2 cup Fresh fruit, mixed
-1 Baked Potato
-1 Tbsp Reduced Fat Sour Cream
-1 Tbsp Italian Dressing
-1 cup Romaine Lettuce

-455 Calories
-64 g Carbs
-11 g Fat
-26 g Protein

-3 Strawberries, Fresh
-1/2 serving Breakstone's Cottage Doubles, Strawberries
-1 serving Pringles Lite
-6 Almonds

-161 Calories
-23 g Carbs
-4 g Fat
-8 g Protein

Total for the Day:
-1246 Calories
-151 g Carbs
-38 g Fat
-74 g Protein

Sorry, I sucked Monday. The gym was closed and it rained so my 'exercise' was cleaning up the house and I did some ab work and some push ups.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! :)

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