Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update: Hi There Hump Day!

Welllllll...hello there! It's been a while! Things tend to either be slow or kind of crazy around here. Instead of posting 289357 days of food/exercising I will post summaries. Aren't you excited?! -__-

Breakfast one day: Oatmeal with peaches and peanut butter! Yum!

July 7th: 1484 Calories eaten; Swimming=300 Calories burned

July 8th: 1102 Calories eaten; oopsie. I hurt my back the day before swimming so I took a couple of days off.

Another Breakfast: 1 Egg, 1 Bagel Thin, Yogurt with Strawberries and Almonds

July 9th: 1345 Calories eaten; (2 days off!)

July 10th: 1287 Calories eaten; Step=425 Calories burned

Lunch one day: 3.5 oz Tilapia, Steamed Green beans with Almonds, 1 Gel Fruit Cup

July 11th: 1446 Calories eaten; Kick n Sculpt=425 Calories burned

I made my Yummiest Spinach Lasagna one night! But, I only used 2 cups mozzarella!

July 12th: 1428 Calories eaten; Cycle=400 Calories

Lunch: Yes, more Tilapia. It was on sale!

July 13th: 1408 Calories eaten; 45 minutes RIPPED & 1 hr Cycle= 750 Calories burned

So yeah, a lot of bleh numbers, but for those calorie fanatics out there this was for you ;)

I have been contemplating this week about which season to start with for RIPPED this fall at UGA. I finally decided on Season 3. I love the music, it's an awesome workout and it seems a bit easier to teach than Season 1. I did it again today and love it! Now I just need to start working on doing it without the video...eek.

Here is a look at Season 4!

In other news, as of this moment, we are 1 day, 2 hours and 52 minutes away from the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II!!!! Soooooo excited! And all of you haters can keep on hatin'. I enjoy Harry Potter and I'm not ashamed of it. Am I going to go get dressed up like a wizard for the premiere? No. (But, more power to you). However, I do love the series and I don't see anything wrong with that. *end rant*

It's getting excellent reviews which makes me even more excited. I know that it's going to destroy me and I may as well not wear mascara...but, did you see Mrs. Weasley in the trailer? Ohhhh I cannot wait for that part. (HP fans you know what I am talking about.) I also cannot wait to see how they portray Snape's story. I've read that they did a wonderful job!

Here's the trailer for you to enjoy!

Oh! And I just found this awesome video! Every time Ginny screams it just kills me...

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