Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update: I Couldn't Think of a Clever Title

Throughout the day I will have these awesome and inspiring ideas for a blog post...then when I get the chance to actually do mind goes blank. I think I need to watch more Sex and the City episodes so that I can learn to talk to myself more like Carrie does. Maybe I should just start thinking in rhetorical questions. Such as, what is the meaning of a calorie? Do we really need to count these so called calories in order to be happy in life? Or are we just kidding ourselves?

I have been subbing classes a good bit lately, although no one has actually been showing up...where are you guys? What? You think just because it's summer you can go out and have fun and go on vacations and not come work out?! Okay fine, you can. But, it makes me sad to write the number 0 next to a class :/ So, please. Come back.

I wore my heart-rate monitor during my cycle class the other day to make sure I am putting in my burned calories accurately. The class was a little over an hour long and I was working pretty hard and I only burned about 430 calories (I wanted to burn 500!). So, be careful, and unless you are wearing a heart rate monitor (which is the only device I know of that is even remotely accurate) then I wouldn't take what your exercise machine, etc. says to heart.

Caloriessss...I was curious to see how long I have been tracking my calories with SparkPeople...I haven't missed a day since November 17, 2009. I can't decide whether I should be proud of that or slightly disturbed. I'm going to go with the former. ;) I've had a couple of people mention things like how I can keep up with the calories or eat 'healthy' all of the time. Well, firstly, in my mind I don't eat healthy 'all of the time.' But, I think that is partly because I know other people who eat better than I do and I aspire to be that way, (ahem, Sara at My Less Serious Life). It's not really something I think about as far as the counting calories go. It's just my lifestyle. I have always done it and I couldn't imagine not doing it. Do the calories run my life? No. But, they are a part of it.

As for the eating 'healthy' part. To me, indulging would include eating too much trail mix (the good kind..with chocolate!) or having a margarita at dinner or the Skinny Cow ice creams that are so delish. There aren't many things that I 'crave' or want that aren't 'healthy.' I am not depriving myself or ignoring my wants. I just honestly don't want a lot of the typical 'bad' things and I never really have... Now, if you have a cherry pie or something...then we'll talk. But, who ever has pie around?

Someone get to work on my Birthday Pie for next year. Stat.

Anywho, that's my spill on those topics. Let's move on to fun stuff shall we? My last post was July 13th (sorry!)so let's just start with this past Sunday and do this week. The DH was out of town this week so I didn't really cook much and I ate more meat-free items :)) Included for your enjoyment are random pictures of foods from this week. And a crazy pup. Or two.

Sunday, July 17th:
1,339 Calories
I was supposed to teach step...but, no one came!!! :'((

Prepare yourself for salad. Lots.of.salad.

Monday, July 18th:
1,363 Calories Eaten
430 Calories Burned (RIPPED)


I can has some?

Tuesday, July 19th:
1,537 Calories Eaten
600 Calories Burned (Cycle and RIPPED)

I've been obsessed with tomatoes and cucumbers! With also yummy Gardein Chik'n Strips

Just throw it once. Please. Just once. I promise.

Wednesday, July 20th:
1,310 Calories Eaten
435 Calories Burned (Cycling)


Fine. I give up.

Thursday, July 21st:
1,295 Calories Eaten
95 Calories Burned (Walking)

Baby Carrots= Awesome snack & also orange hands...

Strawberries= No orange hands. Yay!

Friday, July 22nd:
1,284 Calories
400 calories burned (RIPPED, 50 minutes)

Pasta salad with Meat-free BBQ Shreds and toast!

 I made tofu stir fry (I like onions. Can you tell?)

So good.

So good that I had it again for lunch the next day.

So that's my summary for the week! I hope everyone else had an awesome week as well!


I wish I could tell you all what the DH offered as a suggestion for the title of this post. It was awesome.


  1. I think you should be proud of your consistency with tracking calories! We each have our own way of finding balance - and clearly, you have found yours. And, I agree at a certain point the craving for really 'bad' foods become less. (And, thanks for the kind words - I won't tell you that I ate chocolate cake last night or that I'm currently eating extra-sugary cereal).

  2. Thanks! I've actually been counting calories since I was 8 years old, lol! So yeah, it's been a while! ;) That's good that you ate some cake! You work hard and you deserve to eat something that you are craving! :)