Friday, July 1, 2011

Update: Transformers Thursday

I've decided to do you guys a favor and save you 10 bucks. Instead of going to see Transformers, I will sum it up for you right here:


model pretending to be an actress

 nice cars

and this guy.

I think it says a lot about a movie in which the only 'character' I care about is a yellow camaro that can't even speak. Don't get me wrong, I love going to movies like this where it's just good pointless fun and you get to watch shiz blow up and transform. But, keep that in mind when you go :)

Today was an 'eh' day in the world of food for me. I wasn't able to cook a real 'meal' at any point and definitely not at an actual meal time. I had my practicum this morning from 8:30-11:30, then I had class from 11:45-12:45. I then headed to the sports store to find an athletic swim suit to practice in. One pieces suck. They just obviously were not made for my body 

I planned on swimming today, but this afternoon a wave of exhaustion that has been following me since Tuesday finally won and I decided a nap would be more beneficial. Sometimes, you have to take care of YOU. The hubby (which will be known as DH ('dear husband', blogspeak) from here on out because I'm tired of seeing the silly word 'hubby') wanted to go see Transformers. Since the movie started at 7pm and I still had to shower, I just threw something together. So, for the most part, today was a lot of 'mini-meals.'

-Parkay Spray
-10 ounces Almond Breeze, Original
-1 tsp Hershey's Sugar Free Syrup

 See, this is what happens when you marry someone with a last name that starts with 'V.' 
You can't find anything with a 'V.' So...'C' for Courtney!

-291 Calories
-49 Carbs
-8 g Fat
-12 g Protein

I had packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...but, I just wasn't feeling it and wanted something with veggies. Enter what I call the 'Rip Off Cafe' on campus. I got the 'Athena Wrap' which is a tortilla filled with hummus, onions, bell peppers, carrots.  


-~1/3 Cup Hummus
- 1 Tortilla
-1/8 Cup Onions, chopped
-1/8 Cup Green Bell Peppers, Chopped
-1/8 Cup Carrots, Chopped 

-323 Calories
-48 Carbs
-14 g Fat
-11 g Protein

This is where it got a little iffy. I pretty much just spread my dinner out over 'mini meals' because a) I couldn't eat a lot at one time and b) I didn't have a chance to really cook because we went to the movie.
-~1 piece of Whole Wheat Toast
-3/4 egg
-1/2 cup Unsweetened Applesauce
-4 Fresh Strawberries
-1/2 Cup Steamed Mixed Vegetables

  Hi Levi. No, you can't have any silly. This is the problem with glass table tops ;)

I think a lot of times people get bogged down in eating certain foods at certain times. But, I believe that you can eat whatever type of food you want, whenever you want it. Hence, the salad around 3pm today.
Snack #1:
-1 Cup Romaine Lettuce
-1/3 Cup Black Beans
-1/4 Steamed Brown Rice
-1/4 Cup Reduced Fat Cheese
-1/8 Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes

Snack #2:
-2 cups Popcorn
-8 ounces Diet Coke

Snack #3:
-1 Cup Honey Nut Cheerios
-2/3 Cup Almond Breeze, Original

-555 Calories
-82 g Carbs
-18 g Fat
-18 g Protein

Total for the day:
-1392 Calories
-216 Carbs
-45 g Fat
-50 g Protein

There you have it! I hope everyone had a great day! One more day until the weekend!

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