Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recipe: Chunky Guacamole

Yes, I made guacamole again this week. And yes, I had it as my dinner that night. Don't judge. Here is how I did it:


-2 Avocados, Hass
(Make sure they are pretty much black and a bit soft to the touch! I learned the hard way!)
-1 Small Onion, Chopped
-1 to 3 Serrano Peppers (Did you know these were hot? Um, yeah, they're hot)
-2 to 3 Large Roma Tomatoes (Or really any tomato you prefer)
-1 to 2 tsp Lime Juice
-1 to 2 tsp Cilantro, Dried (You can use fresh...if you are made of $$$)
-1 tsp of Garlic, Minced

-Slice Avocados in half, be aware of the huge 'seed' in the middle! You have to go around it. Click Here for a nice tutorial on avocado cutting and slicing.
-Chop Onions
-Chop Tomatoes
-Chop Serrano Peppers (Take the seeds out!)
-Mix all ingredients into a large bowl and mix well
-Serve with chips or other awesome carb-y things

Get in my belly.

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  1. Love your guacamole recipe and thanks for tutorial on getting the pit out of the avocado.