Friday, September 30, 2011

Update: It's a Mother of a Post, Y'all

Look. I said Y'ALL. DH gets annoyed with me because of my accent sometimes. It's not that I try not to be....Southern...I just try not to be Redneck. There is a guys...

Anyway, it's been pretty crazy as u...dang, one of those super depressing animal abuse commercials just came on...gets me every time. Oh, back to where I was. As you can tell I'm a bit...all over the place lately...I think I am officially burning out. And it's not really even a burning out as much as it is a crashing and burning...spiraling down and down...and down..into a deep sleeeeepppp. My brain just can't take it anymore. But, as I tell the participants in my classes, we're too close to quit! Only one more semester after this! We got this...right?

Here are some pictures of awesome yumminess that has been going on lately. There would be more, but apparently when I get stressed my nausea ups the anty by about one gazillion. Therefore, if I could live off of potatoes and bread and ice cream, I would. And you couldn't stop me!! *evil laugh*

Breakfast one day:
2 small whole wheat pancakes
2 slices turkey bacon
1 egg

Speaking of breakfast, twice in the past week DH has brought me breakfast in bed. 
I think so. 

Also, Levi's butt makes a nice pillow:

Homemade know what I'm talkin' bout
 Okay, don't judge the black spots. They are sun dried tomatoes, which were necessary because no meal is complete without them, obviously.
(Sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, fresh zucchini, cheeeeesssseeeee)

Makin' some noodle bowl:
(Zucchini, Sun dried tomatoes, Tofu, Frozen Peas & Carrots Veggie Mix, etc. with Pasta)

 Hello Comfort:
 Potato Soup...Perfection.

My friend, Katrina, at Eating Right on the Reg, brought these amazeballs Pumpkin Cupcakes to class the other day. As you can tell, it almost got demolished before I could snap a picture.

Today, the DH and I went to The Grit for lunch. We used to go every Thursday back in the day...when we had this thing called...time? I believe that's what it's called? Green Tea with Lemon. Soothes the soul.

You aren't going to believe this, but I didn't eat breakfast this morning, so I was STARVING by lunch time. So, we ordered the hummus appetizer. This thing was demolished. None left. Zip. Nada.

Then when this beautiful masterpiece came 
(House Salad with Tofu and Honey Mustard dressing), 
I couldn't eat anything else. So, this all went into a to-go box. 
(Don't worry, I ate it later

There you have it. That's what's been going on with me and food. I am thinking about posting the recipe for the potato soup, the noodle bowl and this stir-fry I did the other night. Do guys want them? All you gotta do is ask... ;)



  1. There is a HUGE difference between Southern and Redneck! Haha. Y'all is Southern ... I hope! haha.