Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update: Tuesday Schmoosday

Have you been outside today? If not, you need to get on it! It feels AMAZING! I can finally BREATHE! However, would it be possible to live in a state that actually has a transition period between seasons? Because I'm pretty sure it was 99 degrees F last week and now it's about 65...just sayin'.

I'm going to share some pics of stuff I have had/made in the past week or so and then I'm going to do a journal for the day. Get excited!

This was Daddy Pea's Jambalaya. I haven't posted the recipe yet, but I will later...at some point..
It was very delicioso!

YES. I finally made some awesome Gucamole! So good! I think I am going to make some more this week and experiment with adding mango...mmm...mango...

Oh Hai. Just Chillin.

Go. Away.

Moving on to today's journal. I taught the 6AM cycle class this morning. While I love teaching, I will just never get used to early morning classes. Of course, the fact that this is the only day I get up this early probably doesn't help. It typically goes like this: I stay up until about 2AM and finally force myself to try to sleep. After tossing and turning I eventually drift off. Only to be woken up at 5:30AM and leave by 5:50AM (I like to live on the edge...okay, it doesn't technically start until 6:10AM, but same difference). I then begin the class and about 5 minutes in I feel GOOD. Running on pure adrenaline. Then, by the time I get home, I'm ready to pass out. So, after a quick shower, I climb in the bed with the DH (who works night shift, boooo) and I sleep for 3-4 hours. Hey, whatever works. 

Today I had a tutoring appointment for biochem at 2PM. If you never have to take biochem, consider yourself lucky. Now, I am sitting here waiting on our 'breakout' session to begin. What's breakout you ask? Who knows. Just another hour of your life they want to rob from you. 

-1/2 Frozen Banana
-1/3 cup Frozen Mango
-1 1/8 cup Almond Milk, Original
-1 Tbsp Skippy Natural

-3/4 BB Burger, no bun
-1 Tbsp Ketchup


-1 cup Red Grapes
-1 Sabra Snack Pack
-1 Drop it Like it's Hot Cookie

Despite having gone to the grocery store THREE times this week, I still couldn't figure out what I wanted. I wanted something fast, easy and meat-free. So back to the black bean burgers it was.

Kind of looks sad and lonely, eh?

-1 Black Bean Burger
-1/2 Whole Wheat Hamburger Bun
-1 Tbsp Ketchup
-1 Tbsp Raw onions
-2 Cups Steamed Broccoli
-1/4 cup Shredded Cheese
-3/4 serving Chips, original

Total for the day:
Calories: 1,383
Fat: 52 g
Protein: 46 g
Carbs: 188 g

Burned approximately 350 Calories doing 45 minutes of Cycle & 15 minutes of Abs.

Tomorrow is going to be a doozie. My schedule is basically non-stop from 9am until 9pm.

Until then...


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