Monday, October 31, 2011

Recipe: Greek Gyro with Tzatziki

Whoa, tzatkikikiki is a hard one to spell. I made these last week and they were divine.


I followed the recipe verbatim (a first, I know!) so, I don't want to post the whole recipe. You can find the recipe for these Tempeh Greek Gryos with Tzatziki  at this link.

Step 1: Slice Tempeh

Marinate Tempeh for at least 4 hours (I let it marinate all day)

Make Tzatziki sauce so that it can 'marinate' for at least 4 hours

Cook Tempeh in skillet with Pam or Olive Oil until browned
Warm each side of a pita in a skillet;
be sure to do this or the pita will probably break apart 

Assemble to your liking and eat up!


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