Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recipe: The Awesome Braided Calzone (Thanks, Pinterest)


Yesterday was pretty hectic. I don't even have class on Tuesdays, but somehow it always ends up being crazy. I only had about 3 hours of sleep before teaching the 6:10AM cycle class. I went to the grocery store for a few things after class, mainly because 7:30AM on a Tuesday is when all the cool kids go to the store. And, by cool kids I mean no one. Which is awesome.

Then, I came home and was determined to stay awake to study for a test the next day. So, I attempted to drink some coffee by doing a half hot soy milk, half coffee mix. It wasn't bad, but geez, I have no idea how everyone's stomachs handles that stuff.

You just have a pansy stomach

I went on to study until noon when I finally succumbed to my sleepiness. But, it wasn't a restful hour of napping. It was plagued by dreams of being late to work and my tennis shoes not fitting and me not having my music for the was then interrupted by the doorbell ringing because I completely forgot the pest man was coming to spray. Oops.

I subbed a class at 4:00PM and they were nice enough to let me teach RIPPED, even though it was just a bootcamp class. It was a lot of fun as usual! :)  

I ran to the store (a different store) after class to get some medicine for one of the pups who is still not feeling very well. I only had an hour to cook dinner because I had a meeting at 7:30PM, but I really was determined to have this calzone. I've seen it on Pinterest several times, but when I went to find the recipe I seriously could not find it anywhere. So, I improvised, but what else is new?

I swear this is soooo easy. Prep and cook time took less than 30 minutes. And you can put ANYTHING in it. Whatever you like. I am on a spinach kick right now, so I was craving the spinach, mushroom and onion combination.

-1 Package Refrigerated Dough (I used classic, but thin would save calories)
-~1 cup Fresh Spinach
-1/2 small onion, chopped
-1 can mushrooms or fresh mushrooms
-~1 cup cheese (I used Italian Cheese blend; use more or less cheese depending on your preferences)
-Garlic, Powdered
-Marinara sauce for dipping


-Preheat oven to 425F, according to the directions on the dough
-Roll the pizza dough out onto a greased cookie sheet
-Slice ~1 inch sections on the sides, leaving the middle in tact!
-Start with a layer of cheese in the middle
-Layer of spinach
-Layer of Onions
-Layer of cheese
-Layer of Mushrooms
-Sprinkle with cheese, garlic powder, oregano and basil
-Began taking one 'wing' of dough and pulling it diagonally across, all the way to the other side and press into the dough on that side so it will stay
-Alternate right and left until you are finished. Be sure to 'close up' the ends! Just push the dough together
-Bake for 15-17 minutes, until browned
-It's ready!
Wasn't that so easy?

It's sleepy time now


  1. It amazes me that the instructions on this are so easy and the end result is so perfect. This will fool everyone into thinking you spent hours in the kitchen. This looks delicious. I love calzones and this picture really is tempting! Adorable dogs you have!

  2. I know! I wish I had taken pictures of the actual process, but I was in a bit of a hurry :( But, I am planning on making it again soon and trying it with the thin crust instead, so I will take pictures then! Thank you for reading! :)