Friday, January 13, 2012

Fitness: Free Week Spring 2012

This week has been Free Week at my gym so anyone who is a student can come and try one of our hundreds of fitness classes for free! It's such a fun week and the energy and enthusiasm is always so contagious. The gym is jam packed with people excited about working out, which is pretty awesome! We have already had over 4,000 participants!!

So far this week I have taught RIPPED twice and Kick and Sculpt once. I had about 70+ in each RIPPED class and over 112 in my Kick and Sculpt class! Such a great week! Even though my voice sounded horrible in my class last night, we still had so much fun! My throat was definitely paying the price after class though, so I opted not to speak for the rest of the night. The DH and I had an interesting evening doing our version of sign language, haha.

Leading the Resistance section in RIPPED

Working those shoulder muscles!

So much concentration on their form!

These guys are ready to get RIPPED!

I still have two more classes to teach this week. I am teaching Cycle & Sculpt and then Totally Fit on Sunday. I feel weird not going to the gym and teaching today. I was there yesterday from 4:30-9:30pm, so obviously I need them to supply me with a cot so I can become a permanent resident. It's one of my homes away from home. 

I'm going to do a few posts describing the different types of fitness classes I teach because that has been the #1 question I have gotten in classes this week. I think I have explained what RIPPED is about 28452985722 times. Which is COMPLETELY fine by me! I would much rather be explaining what RIPPED is than having no one be interested!

I asked this on the last post, but What is your favorite group fitness class and why?

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