Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughtful: Overthinking

Random Food Pic: Brussels Sprouts & Tofu

I have started two blog posts in the past week, but I haven't posted either of them. I worry too much about them being 'just right' and for my 'voice' to sound the way I want it to. Eventually, I just don't post anything because I lose the inspiration.

I just read an amazing post by Sweet Tater and it really resonated with me.

"I’m letting everyone down. 
Or… I’m doing what’s best for me."

Those two sentences sum up a lot for me. I am such a people pleaser. I want to make everyone happy, even if it is at my own expense. 

This past year that has been my focus. To stop trying to please everyone. It's not possible and you only let yourself down in the end. 

I'm not saying don't try to help others, obviously. I am saying to really think about it before you say 'yes' next time. 

Should you really teach 3 one hour fitness classes back to back in one day, just because you feel it is your responsibility to help every single person? Probably not. 

Sometimes it's just too much. 

Sometimes you need rest.

Sometimes you just need to take care of YOU. 


  1. So, I really like this post. When I first started blogging I really struggled with finding a balance between making my posts 'good' and posting 'enough' for my readers. Thing I discovered fairly recently is, this blog is really for me when you get right down to it - it isn't perfect or exactly like all the other blogs out there...and so what! In the end I think it is the not-perfect-ness of some things that are more captivating than the perfect ones. Ya know?

    1. Exactly! I agree! For the record, I love your blog.