Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fitness: What is RIPPED?

This has been the #1 question I have received this week. However, when I go through the acronym: Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, and Endurance, everyone's face glazes over. It's kind of long and it's too many words that most people aren't familiar with. So, what's a "better" explanation? I would say "It's a pre-choreographed, athletic based workout that incorporates weights and cardio and it's set to some awesome music!" I also like to mention that there is a kickboxing section because that seems to be most people's favorite section.

But, all that matters is how much fun you are going to have!

Let's go through the sections:

In this section we focus on the 'sexy muscles:' The biceps, triceps and shoulders. The section lasts about 8 minutes and we can either use free weights or resistance bands. Since the section is pretty long, we suggest most girls use about 5 lb. weights or less and guys can go heavier, but no more than 10 lb. weights. We do a lot of reps, so you will be surprised at how heavy that 5 lb. weight can get. The goal in this section is that after a week or two, you will know the choreography and will be able to focus on your form. Eventually, you will be able to increase your weight and/or switch to resistance bands or free weights, depending on which you have been using. The difference between these two pieces of equipment makes a world of difference.

This picture again? Yes. Will someone come by my personal paparazzi? 

In this section we focus on cardio. Again, it is athletic based, so no fancy dance moves, etc. It's typically about 5 minutes and it consists of what I would call valleys and peaks. You have the cardio burst interval, then the active recovery interval. Again, the goal in the section is for you to get used to choreography and perfect your form after a couple of weeks and then we can add small changes to increase the intensity, etc. For example, in Season 3 we do 'fast feet' and do a quarter turn. Eventually, we work up to doing half turns and then a full 360 degree turn.

I can tell this is Plyo Season 5, but let's pretend it's Intervals.

Here is a video of me teaching the Intervals section from the Fitness Expo at Virginia Tech, 2012.

Ah, the section I love to hate. This section incorporates either free weights or resistance bands and focuses on the big muscle groups: Your legs, glutes, back, etc. It typically has a lot of push-ups and squats. But, the format always varies. You may do a basic push-up or you may do an up 1 count, down 3 counts push-up like we do in Season 6. The goal in this section is still similar. It is for you to get used to the choreography, perfect your form, then push yourself further and challenge your body.

RIPPED is great for guys too!

Here is a video of me teaching the Power section at the Fitness Expo in Virginia Tech, 2012.

One of my favorite sections. The music is always hoppin' in this section and the moves are always fun. Plyometrics is defined as an "exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power" (source). For example, in Season 5 we did moves that were related with baseball and basketball.

Here are some videos of me teaching the Plyometrics section at the Fitness Expo at Virginia Tech, 2012.

Then we come to the last main part of the workout: Endurance. This section is based on mixed martial arts. If you like Turbokick or Tae Bo, then you will love this section. Kickboxing is one of my big loves so this is definitely one of my favorite sections to teach. It will not only challenge your physical endurance, but also your mental endurance. Having the correct form in kickboxing is really important in order to avoid injury.

Kickin' some booty
Bonus- Core:
RIPPED is set up to be a 50 minute class, so I typically have time to add this section at the end. Everyone loves doing the abs section!

The last part of the RIPPED acronym is Diet. For this section, participants have free access to diet tips, recipes, etc. at

However, since I am a future RD, I would highly suggest everyone to check out:

Now, moving on to some questions I got this week:

Do the moves change each class?
Not necessarily. Remember, one of the goals is for you to perfect your form and to be able to push yourself a little more each week, i.e., increase your dumbbell weight, go a little deeper in your squat, do all of the pushups and do them in top position. Once we get to this point I start changing things up...see next question.

Do we do the same order every week?
Definitely not! You will not believe how much it changes the workout when we start changing the order! It's amazing. Imagine doing both Endurance and Plyo, THEN going into the Power section. It makes a world of difference. Some weeks I will write all of the sections on pieces of paper and let the participants draw and that determines the order. We can do some sections twice as well. I also like to mix seasons. The options are endless! Which is why it is known as a 'Plateau Proof' Workout!

How often is new choreography released?
As mentioned before, RIPPED is a pre-choreographed class. This means that I pay a monthly fee and I receive new choreography every 3 months. They are called 'Seasons' and we are already on Season 7, so that is a lot of choreography for me to mix and match. Don't worry about getting bored!

ETA: We are about to receive Season 11!!

Are there RIPPED classes in my area?
Just go to Find a Class on RIPPED's website and search in your area!

Do you guys have any other questions about RIPPED?

(Most pictures are from RIPPED's Facebook Page)

**EDITED to add: If the videos aren't showing up for you, they can be viewed on my Facebook page for my fitness classes.


  1. love RIPPED! especially when you have a great instructor ;)

    1. I am considering taking this training. I did Les Mills programs for much time do you spend on choreography?

      Heather Davis

    2. Hi Heather!

      I am so glad that you are looking into a RIPPED training! You won't regret it!

      I was completely new to 'pre-choreographed' classes and only taught 'freestyle' before I became RIPPED certified, so I took a little longer to learn my first season because I want to be sure it was 'perfect.'
      But, after I taught my first season, it was super easy to learn the new stuff. What I typically do when I am introducing a new season is I just learn a new section each week (instead of all at once) and introduce that section each week.
      I watch the video first, then I do the section with the video, then I make my own notes and practice without the video. I can usually spend 1-2 hours on a section and then be able to teach it that night. I hope this helps!

      Please let me know if you have more questions or you can email me at:

  2. how can I get licensed to teach RIPPED workouts?

    1. Hi Denyse! Please visit to find a training in your area! :)

  3. whats the song used in the power section?
    it really makes you work hard :)

    1. Hi! The one in the video,right? It is a RIPPED re-mix of 'Turbulence' by Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon :)