Monday, February 6, 2012

Operation: Oatmeal Intervention

Let's chat.

If you remember, in my first 'intervention' I talked about how adding spinach to your smoothie really doesn't change the taste and adds great nutritional value to your morning routine.

But, I just cannot get on the oatmeal bandwagon.

I see so many health/nutrition/fitness bloggers talk about eating oatmeal for breakfast and how much they love it. And to be honest, I was starting to feel a bit left out.

I want to like oatmeal. I want to be a 'cool kid.'

I just can't.


I have tried the instant packs.
I have tried making my own with plain instant oatmeal.
I have tried steel cut oats.
I have tried overnight oats.
I have tried adding peanut butter.
I have tried adding fresh fruit.
I have tried adding frozen fruit.
I have tried adding nuts and/or seeds.


And with that, I have decided to accept the fact that I am just not meant to eat oatmeal for breakfast.

I am perfectly content with my eggs or smoothie in the morning.

So, eat what makes you happy.


  1. i love oatmeal on a cold winter morning. but, when it comes down to it - i am a cereal girl through and through. and you are an egg girl! we may not 'fit in' with the other healthy living bloggers because we don't eat oatmeal every single morning - but we are enjoying our breakfasts!

    1. Exactly! I was wondering if you eat oatmeal because I couldn't ever remember seeing it on your blog. I think I could maybe eat it later in the day if it's cold outside...maybe...but, I just can't handle it first thing in the morning.But, yes...I do love!

    2. ps- Egg Girl sounds like my new super hero name...just sayin' ;p

  2. have you tried adding cooked oatmeal to your smoothie??

    1. Hi Lindsay! I have added raw oatmeal to my smoothie before and it was okay, Great suggestion though, I will have to try it!