Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Update: 2012 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend and be a presenter at the 2012 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo in Blacksburg, Virginia. This fitness expo is an event that is hosted by a university in the southeast region and anyone who works in a fitness department at a university may attend. If you have a class or lecture, etc. that you would like to present at the expo, you have to submit a presentation proposal.

I submitted a proposal to present RIPPED and it was accepted back in November.

We left around 12:30pm on Friday and arrived around 7:30pm.

Representin' the Red and Black!

Saturday was full of high energy classes with amazing instructors. We started out with a Master Class called 'Hard Core' by the master presenter, Gay Gasper. Gay has been in the fitness industry for several years and her expertise is in many different formats. The 'Hard Core' class was a boot camp style setup.

That's us in the front!

All attendees take the morning master class, then we have several choices to pick from for the rest of the sessions.

For my first session, I chose to go to a Cycle class called Cycle Cues and Lingo: Watts, RPMs, and Rhythm. It was a pretty fun class, however, it wasn't very useful for me considering we don't have computers on our bikes where I teach. This class was based on using the computer that tells you your RPMs, Watts, Gears, etc. It was interesting to see though!

The entire room was black lighted! Can you find me?
For my next session, I chose Balanced Body, which was also presented by Gay Gasper. I feel as if this was the class I learned the most from. We used Bosu's as steps and learned choreography and ways to use the bosu to engage our cores. It was a lot of fun!

I had literally just stepped out to get water when this picture was taken. Darn.
During this time we grabbed our sandwiches and everyone did their demo routines! It was so neat!


Here is the video of our routine! Check it out!

After lunch and all of the performances, we moved on to the next three sessions of the day.
I had planned to go to a fellow instructor's presentation of PIYO, but it was filled by the time I got there! I decided to go to a class called Z-Squared instead. I am typically not a big fan of Zumba classes because I am just not coordinated in that way...however, this was the most fun I have ever had in a Zumba based dance class! The concept was having 2 instructors and there were a lot of 'battles' and partner work. So much fun!

Booty Shakin' Partners

Battle time!
My favorite session of the entire weekend (Besides my RIPPED presentation of course!) was BODYCOMBAT. I heart BODYCOMBAT soooo much. It is so much fun and makes you feel so strong and confident! Of course, that could be because I love kickboxing classes so much. We had an instructor a few years ago that taught it at one of gyms where I teach, but she left and they haven't found anyone else. I wish I had the time and $$$ to do it. Anyone want to make a donation to the 'Let's get Courtney certified in every possible class' fund?

This Master Presenter was amazeballs.
Are we still alive? Barely. I chose Fluid Flexibility for this session. AKA, fall asleep on your mat and pretend you are meditating.


Night Time:
After all of the sessions, we immediately went to grab some food. Protein bars, apples and sandwiches just aren't going to cut it with all of this exercise.
We went to Cabo Fish Taco, which was surprisingly good! The food seemed very fresh and 'clean' which was exactly what I was hoping for.

Nice & Sweaty

If you are wondering what I got, then you obviously don't know me, haha! I got a salad of course. No, not because it's 'healthy,' but because I LOVE salads/lettuce. I literally crave it. All I wanted was some protein, lettuce and GUACAMOLE! I got a salad topped with grilled shrimp and a side of guacamole. Of course I had tortilla chips as well!

Later that Night...
The expo hosted a social at the Holiday Inn. We all got dressed up and went out dancin'! (Like we needed more exercise, right?!)

Creepy iPhone eyes

Guess you had to be there...

The next day started out with another master class for all attendees. It was BODYFLOW, which is a Les Mills yoga class. I won't lie, I didn't participate in this class. I was presenting at 9:30AM and there was no way I could be calm enough to practice yoga beforehand.

This is when the magic happened, people. I presented RIPPED during this time slot and it was AMAZING. I printed out 50 handouts and quickly ran out, so there were at least 60 participants in this one studio. It was HOT.AS.BALLS. in this studio. We worked so hard that ALL of the mirrors were completely fogged up and we were slipping on the condensation. The energy was great and they were loving it! 

Want to meet Instructor Courtney? Here she is!

I stayed for part of a class called Gaga Dance. It was a really cute idea and class, but I was pretty worn out from teaching and I was drenched in sweat, so an outfit change was definitely happening.

The Instructor was dressed like Lady Gaga. Wig and all!
For the last session, I took part of a class called Spinnin' Space Odyssey. The set up of the room was really cool because it is all black lights and she had lots of space decorations and passed out glow sticks.

Cycle to the Future!

I left this class early because honestly, I was beat. 

We grabbed a bite to eat and headed back home around 2:00PM. 

All in all it was a really fun weekend and I encourage everyone to go at least once. Especially if you are a new instructor. You could learn so much from a weekend like this!

Also, I counted my hours of exercise last week and the total came to around 14 or 15 hours of exercise. I wore my heart rate monitor all day Saturday and the total calories burned came out to be over 2100 calories! Whoa!

This week is jam packed as well. I am teaching 5 classes, then I have a Schwinn Cycle workshop all day on Saturday. Sunday I have a Step workshop from 9am-1pm, I am teaching Cycle and then Totally Fit from 3:00pm to 5:15pm. I also have a leadership team meeting that night and we are performing our demo routine. So, say a little prayer that I make it through the week! Haha!

Have you ever been to a fitness expo?

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