Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food: Random Eats

Since I have been a slacker again and haven't been participating in WIAW, here are some yummy food pics for you to drool over enjoy.

Raw Tempeh with Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato on WW Toast served with Fresh (greenish) Mango
0% Greek Yogurt topped with Frozen Blackberries, Almonds, Granola & Some Fig Preserves
Steamed Broccoli with Cracked Black Pepper. Obviously.
Romaine lettuce topped with Tomatoes, Avocado, Honey Mustard Dressing & A random piece of Tempeh...
0% Greek Yogurt topped with Homemade Fig/Strawberry Preserves and Granola
Yet another Raw Tempeh Sandwich with Claussen Pickles, Cheese & Tomatoes on WW Toast
Publix Greenwise Organic Spinach & Cheese Thin Crust Pizza
DH surprised me one night with some yummy Tofu Stir fry!

Well, there are some snippets of what I have been eating the past few weeks. I will say that this past week has been less fruit and veggie loaded. I haven't been working out as much since we don't start back with group fitness classes until next week, so my appetite is less than usual. So, it's been a little harder to find things that I actually want to eat.
Does that make sense?
Let me try again, my appetite is low from being lazy not exercising as much, so nothing really sounds appealing to me...
I haven't even had an egg in a realllllyyyy long time. I still eat a little for breakfast, but not as much as I usually do or as much as I probably should. There has been a good bit of toast in the morning.
Lunches have too often been an Amy's Tofu and Veggies bowl or an Evol bowl (which are delicious by the way).
I don't even want to see greek yogurt right now.
So, hopefully once I get going again this week, things will get back to normal.

Also, let's clarify appetite vs. hunger.
I am definitely 'hungry' in that my stomach will churn and it wants food (most of the time).
But, 'appetite' is when you WANT to eat something because you like the way it tastes, etc. and mine has just been lacking lately...
Got it? Just making sure!

Does your appetite vary when you workout less, etc?

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