Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recipe: Spinach Pasta Bake

Hi guys!
I have been trying to use all of the food that we already have in the house and adding a little more nutritional value through the way of veggies. We always seem to have boxes of pasta because I buy it when it's on sale, but we rarely eat it because I don't like to end the day with a lot of heavy carbs.
On the other side of this, I feel like the 'recipes' that I post always involve pasta?! I think this is because my typical meals are not really recipes or things that I feel deserve a post. I pretty much eat a lot of lettuce, steamed veggies, rice, and beans. I eat one or all of these things every.single.day.

I had some spinach that I really wanted to use before it went bad so I decided to incorporate it into this pasta dish.

-WW Pasta (I used Rotini)
-Fresh Mushrooms (I used half of a pack)
-1 Can Diced Tomatoes
-1/2 Bag of Fresh Spinach
-1/2 Medium Onion, chopped
-~1/3 cup of Cheese (I used reduced fat Mexican Blend)
-Garlic Powder, to taste
-Basil, to taste
-Pepper, to taste

-Pre heat oven to 350F
-Begin boiling water and add pasta
-Add mushrooms and onion to frying pan that has been sprayed with Pam

-Add Spinach and 1 can of diced tomatoes to sauté
-Sprinkle with Garlic Powder

-Drain pasta once it has cooked and pour it into baking dish
-Add veggie mix to pasta in baking dish, mix well
-Add Basil

-Sprinkle cheese on top

-Bake in oven until cheese is melted, about 15 minutes

-Serve and devour!

I love summer veggies!

What are some of your favorite summer veggies?


  1. wow, that pasta look amaaazing! Yum (: I really like your blog, it gives me so much inspiration! You are followed (:


    1. Thank you, Jennie! I really need to post more often! I checked out your blog and it looks great! I love the simple design and the food looks delicious! Thank you for reading!