Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 1

Katherine at The Real Food Runner invited me to take part in her Back to School 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, so of course I decided to join in the on the fun!

This past weekend I went to the Football game on Saturday (Go Dawgs!), then Sunday we relaxed most of the day because DH worked night shift and he needed to sleep during the day. That night we headed to my parents to spend the night and see our families on Labor Day.

On Monday (Labor Day) we slept in, visited with my grandparents, and then visited his parents. In the evening, we grilled out with my parents and then headed back home and to the 'real world.'

I love going home because it's like a mini vaca. Plus, the pups get to run around the yard! That is the one thing I dislike about living in an apartment. I really want a yard for them to run around in without having to worry about their leashes.

This morning I had to make do with the ingredients my mom had in her kitchen. Unfortunately, I failed on the whole GREEN smoothie front because I couldn't find anything to make it green! (That would taste good anyway. I'm pretty sure a broccoli smoothie wouldn't be too great.)

So, I used a frozen banana, some frozen blueberries, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries, and fresh blackberries. I also added peanut butter and milk. (I prefer almond milk, obviously, but they only had regular 2%. Beggars can't be choosers!).


The beautiful end product

Even though it's not green, it's still pretty! I call it my 'Very Berry Smoothie.'

Any suggestions for my smoothies this week?

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  1. so i'm not a smoothie person, but the idea of blending up bananas and peanut butter into a drinkable concoction is growing on me..