Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back To School Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 4

Whew. I would say Thursdays are my 'long day,' but lately every day has been a long day. I haven't been home before 8pm all week.

Tonight I taught RIPPED and Cycle. Therefore, I am beat.

When I woke up this morning, I was craving EGGS. Yes. I heart eggs.

So, instead of a green smoothie, I had an egg/egg white scramble with fresh spinach and tomato, honeydew melon on the side. It was great.

If you are curious (you know you are), for lunch I had leftover Spinach and Cheese Quinoa Casserole and some grapes.

How to Pronounce 'Quinoa'

My snack this afternoon was a peanut butter flavored Protein Fit South Beach Bar.

In between teaching classes this evening I had a banana.

I decided to have my smoothie as dinner tonight after I got home from teaching.

It's kind of green...

-Unsweetened Almond Milk
-Orange Juice
-Fresh Spinach
-Frozen Banana
-Frozen Strawberries
-Skippy Natural PB
-Old Fashioned Oats

What was your workout today? Have you tried a green smoothie yet?


  1. Thanks Courtney! The Quinoa looks delish and I like your posting how to pronounce it. Very cool. :-)

    1. You're very welcome! :) I definitely recommend that Quinoa recipe!