Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIAW: I'm back!!!

I haven't done WIAW in MONTHS. I was just kind of burned out with blogging. But, I'm trying to get back into it. (Side note, even when I'm not posting, I still try to keep my workout/teaching schedule updated on the right side bar. Just in case you were dying to know.)

This is WIAW featuring What I Ate Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

I made Protein Buckwheat Pancakes the other day and I had some of the leftovers for breakfast this morning.

-3 Protein Buckwheat Pancakes
-Syrup (lite)
-Cappuccino with honey (homemade. Nespresso.)

I have been trying to increase my protein intake a little more, so I purchased a Blender Bottle a couple of weeks ago. So far I am really liking it! We all know I am the Smoothie Queen and I love them because they are easy to digest. The same goes for my new protein drinks. It's great to get the protein and nutrition that I need through liquids that are easier on my stomach.

-8 oz of unsweetened Almond Milk
-1/2 scoop Publix Organic Whey Protein powder, chocolate
-1/2 Tbsp Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
-Lots of ice!

I have class from 12:30-1:45pm on Tuesdays and I typically meet with my teacher afterward to discuss the lecture. (It's graduate level biostatistics, I definitely need as much help as I can get).

I cooked a late lunch, which consisted of:

-Tilapia with Ms. Dash Lemon Pepper Seasoning
-Spinach salad with Carrots, Tomatoes, Ranch dressing, Cheese, and Pepper.
-Navel Orange

I had another cappuccino (homemade. I love my Nespresso) later in the afternoon. I haven't been having many espresso drinks lately (I was a little obsessed after got I my Nespresso for Christmas), much less two, but I have been staying up late studying and need the extra pep in my step.

I also had a banana with a little bit of natural peanut butter before I taught Cycle at 7:15pm.

Dinners have been difficult lately. DH is on evening shift, so he isn't here for dinner. So, I typically try to do something easy...tonight I was craving The Grit's version of a grilled cheese. It's basically an amazing grilled cheese with spinach, tomato, and honey mustard. I had a bowl of steamed mixed veggies with it as well.

Oh yes, I had dessert. I heart orange sherbet (no sugar added). I added almonds because I love the crunchiness!


I taught a 45 minute cycle class (Average HR: 133, Max HR: 174, Calories burned: 415) in these awesome new workout pants (Thanks, TJ Maxx!).

I set it up as a 'Pyramid' ride, which means that I had them do a warmup, 1 hill, 2 surges/sprints, 1 hill, 3 surges/sprints, 1 hill, 2 surges/sprints, 1 hill, cool-down. I haven't been teaching cycle regularly, but I still try to keep updated playlists every time I teach/sub. I also try to have variety in my songs, but you will never hear a country song in my class. (#sorryImnotsorry)

Here is my playlist!

What is your favorite workout song?


  1. That grilled cheese with veggies looks fab! I never get tired of a good old grilled cheese :).