Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fitness/Life: Challenge of the Centuries Bike Ride & Memorial Day Weekend

Last year we didn't get to do the Challenge of the Centuries bike ride and I was so bummed out about it. So, I made sure that we got to do it this year!

The Challenge of the Centuries is a two day (or one day if you want, like we did) bike ride in Hartwell, GA. You can choose from the 40 mile, 67 mile, or 100 mile rides. We opted for the 40 mile ride and it was just enough!

We spent the night with DH's parents and started our ride at 8:00 am Saturday morning in the YMCA parking lot. From there, our route took us across the Dam and all the way into South Carolina and back again.

Fine, 39 miles, but last time my bike computer counted 44!
Me with my MIL

Me and DH

The weather was absolutely perfect. When we did the ride back in 2011, it was SO hot and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. However, this time it started out very cool in the morning and the temperature remained comfortable throughout the ride.

The scenery was beautiful to me, of course, since I am from this area and it's nice to come back to the 'country' where it is more quiet and calm. The Lake also looked great and I am so happy to see that the water levels are up this year. Instead of rushing through the ride, we took a couple of pit stops for pictures, snacks, etc. so this year was very enjoyable.

The lake was so pretty

We biked across the dam

View behind the dam

Ole country roads

Me and DH taking a pit stop past the dam

Me and my MIL
Time for a pit stop!

My new bike (Specialized Dolce) did beautifully. This ride was a million times better than the ride in 2011 when I was on my hybrid (Specialized Vita). This bike has so much more momentum and I don't feel as if I am working twice as hard as everyone else just to keep up.

Isn't she beautiful
After the ride, we shuffled our way over to Subway for lunch (you try walking after being on a bike for 3 hours, ha!). I burned 1600 calories, so it was time to refuel!

6" on honey oat, roasted chicken, lots of veggies and honey mustard

Then, I rewarded myself with my favorite, ICE CREAM!

Vanilla is the best!

After filling our tummies, we decided it was time to rest. However, I couldn't nap because I didn't feel well...later I found out it was because I was sunburned...I forgot to wear sunscreen! Definitely a big no-no for me and my pale skin.

Later that evening we headed to a music festival with DH's parents that was being held by the Lake. Again, the weather was absolutely perfect. I am normally too hot in the summer, but with the breeze coming off the water and the sun setting, it felt wonderful.

After the music festival, we headed over to my brother and sister in law's campsite and enjoyed some great family/friend time and some good food! It was so nice to just relax and hang out with people that I never get to see because of our busy schedules.

I even got to see my friend who has been living in France for the past couple of years!

All in all, I would say it was a pretty awesome weekend.

And while it's fun to get together and spend time with one another, we mustn't forget what Memorial Day is all about. Thank you to all of the men and women who have (and are still) serving their country!


What did you do this weekend?


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