Friday, June 7, 2013

How To: BOSU

Do you look like this whenever you try to use a BOSU?

Then, let's go over some basic moves that you can do on a BOSU.

First, what the heck is a BOSU?

BOSU stands for 'Both Sides Utilized' according to the official website. It was invented by David Weck in 1999. It is used most often for balancing exercises.

BOSU Push Up:

Step 1:

Place the blue side down on the floor and place your hands on the edges where the 'handles' are. Engage your core and start in a full plank position (Modification: Start on your knees).

Step 2:

Keeping your core engaged, slowly lower down.

Allll the way down.

Come back up slowly and do it again.

Try for at least 10 reps.

BOSU Jog/Step Up:

This is the same type of 'jog or step up' that you would perform on a regular step. Make sure to step in the middle of the BOSU and try to get your entire foot on the BOSU.

BOSU Lunge

Place one foot in the center of the BOSU and step the opposite leg back. Keep legs hip width apart. Engage core. (Option: Hold free weights in both or one hand)

Keeping the knee on top of the ankle, begin to lower down while keeping the weight in your front heel.

Rise back up to the start position.

Try for at least 10 on each side.

BOSU One Legged Squat:

Start by standing to the side of the BOSU and put one foot on the top and center of BOSU.

Keep core engaged, chest up, as you lower down into a squat. Keep the weight in your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes).
Knees should be behind your toes! You should be able to look down and see your toes. Rise back up, pushing through the heels. (Option: Add hand weights.)

Try for at least 10 on each side.

BOSU Up and Over

This is the same move you do on a step as well. You are simply moving to the side, up and over the BOSU. You can start out stepping and then work your way into the more advanced one picture, where you reach up in the middle. Again, feet in the center of the BOSU, core engaged.

BOSU Burpee

You didn't think I wasn't going to incorporate my favorite exercise did you?

Start out by picking up the BOSU. Core is engaged and use your legs NOT your back.

Two options here. You can either stop lifting the BOSU as pictured or you can lift the BOSU all the way over your head as in the next picture.

Begin to bring the BOSU back down to the floor, blue side facing the floor.

Place BOSU on floor, blue side down, then step or hop back into a full plank.

Step or hop back in.

Lift the BOSU again and repeat. 

Try for at least 10. You can do it!

Well, there are some basic BOSU moves. If you love "Burpees Forever" or want any other cool workout shirts, check out Abundant Heart Apparel! 

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What are some of your favorite BOSU exercises?