Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Day 2014 Dishes

We ended up staying at our own home for New Year's Day due to a change of plans, so I had to rush to the store and fight everyone for the last black eyed peas. I finally found some dried ones and had to cook them for 3 hours, but it was worth it.

I didn't follow a recipe for anything except the baked macaroni and cheese. I can't find the exact recipe I used, but it was very similar to this one.

For the mashed potatoes, I just peeled, diced, and boiled some russet potatoes. I then mashed them and added some milk and a little butter until desired consistency.

For the BBQ chicken, I preheated the oven to around 400* and put foil into a baking dish, then the (thin) chicken breasts. I then topped them with the BBQ sauce and baked until done.

For the collards, I filled a large pot with half water and half broth, then lots of collard greens. I turned it to medium heat and let them cook for a longgg time, at least 1 or more hours (the longer, the better..) I also added some garlic and pepper.

For the black eyed peas, I quick soaked them since they were dried. Then I cooked them in half water, half broth for at least 2 hours on medium heat. I added garlic and pepper to this as well.

What are your favorite New Year's Day dishes?

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